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Missus major birthday coming up. Any ideas?

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Discretion dictates I don't say her age, but it's a decade birthday, it ends in zero.

It's in March and we are going to Tassie and Melbourne for a couple of weeks. Since she organised most of that, I better think of something.


i'm 40...something.

experiences are better than things. go bungee jumping or mountain climbing (even indoor wall) or something.

Kindle Paperwhite and a blowjob


--- Quote from: pbj on January 17, 2022, 06:54:23 pm ---Kindle Paperwhite and a blowjob

--- End quote ---

Just to be clear- this is a present for HER, not me  ;D

give her .50 cents so she can have 1 credit off Dragon's Lair :) (wished someone did that for my birthday back then)


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