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I just acquired a JVL Echo and noticed the ‘Advert GUI Mode’ when I click Show Mode from the main screen. It pops up a few food advertisements down the left and has a song title across the bottom. Is there any way to edit this content or is it a relic from itouchnet that is no longer editable?  Also, is there any way to add additional images to the full screen ads that can be created in Set-up?  I’d like to add my pub’s logo but didn’t know if it was possible. Thanks!

yeah, if you dig into the service menu it has a link to the ad creator program, there you can clear out the pages and they wont display anymore.

i don't have one here to tell you exactly how to get there, otherwise i would.... but it's in the operator menu. (press the button on the inside of the machine to bring up the main menu.)


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