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I'm converting a gutted Initial D to an Outrun 2. It's coming along, controls are hooked up and it plays pretty well.

A couple of issues to get feedback on:

1. SunHeightValue - Pretty frustrating when it hits you in the face. I know its been talked about a lot before and there isn't currently a fix? But what do these numbers actually do in the game settings? What number are you running to minimize the sun strike?

2. Scratchy audio - This occurs regularly when changing music etc. If you move to a different track it corrects itself. Is this common? I haven't seen much mention of this online. This problem exists on both 'Jennifer' and 'Jennifer_VGA'. I've tried it on separate PCs and issue remains. Perhaps I have a corrupted dump?

FYI - I'm running an Nvidia GT1030


The problem is clearly that someone has pulled the CRT out of that cab and replaced it with an LCD :lol

I've noticed that scratchy audio too. It comes and goes. I though it was just my audio connections but hearing someone else say there's a problem makes me think you must be right. If that's the case, there probably isn't a fix unless the TP guys get onto it. You might think about submitting an issue on github.

Sunheightvalue i'm less sure of. I'm running at 1024x576, and it works really well on about 40, i think it is. Or just above default. Nice and glary when you're staring into the sun, as it should be, but not at other times.

Ha, yes the monitor was removed when I picked up the cabinet. I would have kept the original too as connecting a VGA PC would have been easy. But those hi-res monitors are hard to repair if they crap out. I thought about putting in a standard res monitor with CRT Emudriver but wasn't sure how Tecknoparrot would handle that. Plus OR2 looks great at full HD, so went with the LCD.

Somewhat good to hear that someone else has the audio issues and its not just my set-up...

I played around with the hack-sun numbers and can't see any consistency in what they do, its a bit of a mystery.

I really hope the Tecknoparrot team manage to put some more time into this game and get it running 100%. I think its one of, if not the best driving arcade game.

Anyone else, please speak up if you have any more info about this


run game with default elf running at normal resolution and no sun issue

its only if you try to upscale resolution and bunch of elfs have been hacked to try do that

Yes, I had it running for awhile via the low res 'Jennifer_VGA' file and you are right, no sun issue. The crackling audio was still there though. Sadly I couldn't live with the low resolution, it was too pixelated. Even tried smoothing it out a bit with a scanline generator which made it look a bit better but still not good enough. Came to the conclusion that I preferred full HD, despite having to suffer the sun and audio issues.


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