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Hi again, all.
I'm back again, working on my endless project Legacy. & I'm trying to pick up where I left off, on the automated rotating monitor, which is where I threw my hands up in frustration some time ago & gave up for a while. I'm following weissaupt's plans, & he very helpfully provided me with one on one help which got me to where I can actually run a motor out of a parallel port, & incredible feat for me given my knowledge.
He also gave me an updated copy of the program he used to drive the motor, which works beautifully for him....but only gives back error messages for me. I edited the text copy of the program he provided following his advice, & tried to compile it using microsoft visual studio....without success. The compiler gives back error messages that I can't decipher....looking them up just leads to more questions which leads to more questions which leads to....
Anyway, here's a screen shot of the results of trying to compile this thing. If anyone out there has any ideas....sorry I'm such an idiot. In the meantime I'm going to work on the mount for my star wars flight yoke. If I can't solve this I may just put a switch in & rotate the monitor manually

Its a linker error saying you don't have the "main" entry point.  Were you given an entire project or just the one source file?  You could probably start a new project for whatever application type you need which is probably a Win32 Console application and just get a "Hello World" type program running which will print that out when working right.  Then add in your file and have the "main" function call the function in your file.


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