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Demul Networking Thread - looking for ideas


So, later builds of Demul will network two instances running on the same PC from two separate folders. I believe you have to have both instances running and go into the test menus, then the game test menus, set unique cab id's, then exit both at the same time (roughly). I don't think you can set one up, close it, and set the other one up. It only saves the last config for me, so might be using as system folder. I'm not sure if will link more than two instances. And note that this is real networking of two instances, not rollback/GGPO builds for FCG two-player matches on a single machine instance.

This networking is supposed to be buggy, but this is as good as it gets right now. Pipkin, with his amazing work getting as far as he did, was not finished implementing it. And it does not work over LAN.

Are there any options to get it running on two PC's? I have looked at TCPviewer, and Demul doesn't seem to be outputting anything it can see. I'm hoping someone might have further ideas. How do you look at what other data a program might be outputting? Would something like a Tap adapter help, as is used in the SFRush link thread (,161667.0.html) I would imagine not as Demul is not using IPv4/v6 comms, just laying out some thoughts. Is there a way to make two programs running on separate PC's think they're on the same PC, talk like they're on the same PC or use the same resources? To being with, where is Demul storing nvram, if it's not in the separate nvram folders?

Failing that... Anyone know if Flycast is going to emulate Naomi2 at any stage? Or if there's anything else on the horizon? ID3 is a classic, and linking it would complete my side-by-side setups nicely ;)

Are you CrimsonShadow11 on YouTube?

Further thoughts. Naomi/2 hardware seems to communicate via optic fibre, but using what protocol?

--- Quote from: MrThunderwing on January 05, 2022, 02:34:02 pm ---Are you CrimsonShadow11 on YouTube?

--- End quote ---

I am... not. I just looked up the channel though, and remain curious. Why did you ask?

Oh, they just asked the exact same question in a YouTube comment on one of my old DEMUL videos, specifically about the same game, ID3, on the same day your thread appeared here. Obviously just one of them weird coincidences.

Well, send 'em on in :)


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