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Force 2002 / Emerald V8.06 installation stuck at 84%

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Hi all.

I downloaded the iso images to install the Force 2002 software on my radion machine (ECS Celeron Mobo, square I/O board).  I can start the installer OK, and it shows as "Emerald V8.06" (from this forum, sounds like because I'm not using the original HDD).

The installer runs OK, until it hits 84% on the "Copying Files" step, then it just hangs (have had it running for about 20+ minutes).  Same behavior with multiple different HDDs, CD drives, and CDs.  I've put the installer through Dosbox debugger (surprised it runs there), and it looks to hang when creating the C:\MERIT2\SAFARI\CANADA\MASTER.DAT file.

I was wondering if anyone hit a similar issue trying to install this software?  I tried looking for a different version of the installer isos (perhaps Force 2002.5 or Emerald 2), but no luck.

Any ideas or pointers would be greatly appreciated!

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I have not heard back, Do you still need them?

Hey sorry, it shows I sent a PM, but maybe it didn't go through for some reason since this is a new account?  This was the message:

If you don't mind sharing, I'd greatly appreciate it!

The only isos I have that's not in the software archive is V26.01 (Force 2009) and V27.02 (Force 2009.5).  If you interested in either/both of those, let me know and I can share them too.

Thanks for the V9.01 installation isos.  I'm now able to install 100% and get the prompt to restart.  However, upon restart the hard drive does not boot (no text or "no bootable media" error message appears).  Will report back in this thread if I can figure out the issue (likely need to format the hard drive slightly differently before installation?).

Not sure why the V8.06 will hang, guessing the iso might be corrupted?  I got the ones from the software archive directly, with these sha256 sums:
c91b6cd4e6274c6923ce6da8981c0f2f5e3f75761f6e5fce0bab893139700a27 (disk 1)
7b4830dc822faabb445fd04dd476d0ecb208e42565dce2b2016f56a8c0999a4e (disk 2)


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