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Gun games - best way?


I have an Ultimarc Aimtrak
I have a Mayflash Dolphin Bar
Yet Iíve not really got either to be seamless when using
I can play Operation Wolf in Mame on a PC. And others
However, Iíd ideally like it to run in RetroPie, or more specifically itís PC based equivalents - Batocera or Recalbox
Except it doesnít seem clear how to edit Mame.ini in them such as Ultimarc advises in their Aimtrak setup guide (which is how Iíve got it working in Mame directly). Anyone use them and know how?

Ultimately, Iíd like a system/front end to run lightgun games (alongside potentially other controllers such as wheel and Analogue Stick games) that Batocera provides for my arcade cabinet (4/8 way joystick games) should I ever get the Aimtrak (or Dolphinbar but Iíd prefer Aimtrak) working in it.


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