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Using VLC with Python3 and RPi 3B


DaOld Man:
Im still working on my RPi Jukebox, kinda off and on though, so Im still mainly working on the software.
Im using VLC to play the mp3 files.
I have download and installed python-vlc.
I am playing the mp3's just fine, but I would like to get a "now playing" and "next" text string from the VLC Playlist, (so I can display it on screen).
But I cannot get it from the playlist.
I have just about worn out my PC keyboard trying to find an answer on the net.
All suggestions have not worked for me.
Im about ready to just build a playlist i can read and write to and have VLC play one song from the list at a time.
But it seems like a lot of extra work.
I was wondering if you guys can throw some suggestions to me?
I can give code snippets of what I have now if you need them.


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