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Best options for Pac-Man type joystick for PC?

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I used to own a genuine restored Pac-man cabinet, but had to sell it years back. Now I miss being able to play Pac-Man / Galaga and similar with the authentic control.

I've been looking on amazon and similar at the available PC "arcade joysticks" but I have no idea what's good. I certainly do not want anything clicky, or junky. I'm looking for whatever options are as close as possible to the feel and precision of the 4-way leaf switch Pac-man control, without being super expensive. I have to imagine I'd need a quality 4-way leaf-switch. Can anyone give me a rundown of the best options for this?

I'm kind of a fan of Tornado Terry's 4 way stick. My son (Pacman fanatic) swears by them. Not true leaf switch, but it does have a nice design.

Thanks. Interesting information on the ebay link. But, it's about $30 for just a bare joystick. I'd have to mount it, and hook that into what, like an iPac or whatever the equivalent is for PC?

If I'm just going for a bare joystick, why not go for an actual Pac-man / Ms. Pac Man / etc 4-way with real leaf switches? Are those too expensive or impossible to find now? I had gotten a genuine one for my cabinet, but yeah that was 16 years ago so...

Alternately if I want to buy a ready-made stick+buttons that I can simply plug into my PC, is there really nothing available that is really like the pac-man joystick?

You can get them but from what I remember kind of pricey. Maybe someone might have a link to some cheaper ones but I wouldn't count on it honestly

So if I got the Tornado Terrys for $30, and just wanted to mount like, that 1 stick and a reasonable amount of buttons, to a fairly minimal arcade control to put on my PC desk. How would I do all that? Would it need an ipac for connecting to the PC? Are there any kits?


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