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Author Topic: Buttons not pressing fully down smoothly & trackball getting stuck and scratched  (Read 1005 times)

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As the title says, I have a situation where some buttons seem to get "stuck" right before the full press down click.  I did cut all my holes with a hole saw, and not sure if the CP got cut at a slight angle or if anyone has had this issue?

As a second issue, my trackball has scratches all over it and has resistance when I try to move it around.  It sounds like a screw or something inside the housing is scraping it and not letting the ball go smoothly.  Has anyone had this issue?


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What brand buttons?
Never seen that except with no name ones that were really cheap.
A little nyogel on the plungers may help.

Trackball housing can get tweaked if it is tightened down too much or unevenly and it can cause some binding.
Was it used when you began?
If some small bit of something got into the housing it will wreak havoc on the ball and rollers.

Sounds like you should take it apart and verify it is clean and the bearings and rollers work smoothly and see that it is mounted correctly.
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Pop out the button plungers, wrap them in sandpaper, and spin them around a few times.  Then clean everything.  That's always fixed my sticky button issues.