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Rowe AMI No sound


Hi All, I have a Rowe AMI MM4.  I restored it and it has been working soundly for over a couple of years.  It was playing a bit slowly so I decided to give the motor a clean and lubricate.  After I finished I found I had no sound.  I have checked all the connections from the stylus through to the pre-amp and they all seem OK.  I still feel I must have disturbed something but cannot see what.  I do suspect the mute relay, though can't see how I could have possibly disturbed that and it would be quite a co-incidence for it to fail just then.  Anyone have any suggestions, is it possible to to test the mute relay?  I have also tried resetting the 2 amp breaker on the amp.

Sorry all, I know what the problem was and am feeling really stupid.  When I first selected a record after putting the motor back together, I had to quickly reject as the tone arm was out.  Anyone familiar with this model knows that the built in volume control is in a recess at the rear and that the reject button is behind this.  So if you are in a hurry you can run the side of your hand along the top of the volume control knob when reaching for the reject button, which of course turns the volume down, doh!


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