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G923 wheels gas pedal and MAME


I am having trouble getting MAME to recognize my gas/accelerator pedal on the Logitech G923
If I go into say Chase HQ game and configure the gas/accelerator pedal it recognise it as Joystick Up
where as brakes and clutch it picked up correctly

Anyone has any idea why?

Windows often sees one of the pedal inputs as the Y-axis of the joystick. With the wheel being the x-axis.

What do you see in windows? Control panel > (sm)all items > devices & printers > [find your controller and right click] > game controller settings > properties. This brings you to a screen where you can see the joystick and button inputs. The drivers for the G29 should have replaced the default screen with one showing the wheel and pedals. If not, your drivers haven't installed properly.

TBH even so if the accelerator moves the y-axis up and down in an analog fashion, it should still work fine in MAME.

under windows it see it correctly when I bring up the usb game controller  test properties

I don't care what it list as but the trouble is it doesn't work under MAME gas/accelerator Pedal
it would mapped it as Joystick up but when I pressed on it nothing happened

but if I mapped Break as gas/accelerator it works

Before you go into the bind controls (this game) option in MAME there is another option just below called analog settings, or something like that. Have you played around with the options in there? Like inverting the axes and such? Sorry i'm not being much help, i haven't had this issue and i'm just guessing at things...

EDIT: i did just check my configs, and the accelerator of my G25 (which shows up in windows with the right drivers) is labelled in MAME as Joycode_1_yaxis, so i would guess that part is normal. I would try the analog options above and see if something works in there.

You are using a separate axes for the pedals, not a joint one?


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