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just got my hands on the pie zero 2. downloading weekly build of retro pie.
pie 3 was to fat for my case. Pie zero w was to weak for my taste. ONN android did not see controls.
pic is google pic. mine looked just like it. now everything gutted and white happs joystick and buttons installed.

need to order one of these.
i'm thinking the 4 cores will allow me to run a usb soundcard without emulation issues so i can do a 240p output.
the single core didn't have enough oomph and only a pizero will fit in a genesis cartridge.

Are there benefits to this version beyond physical size?

cpu power 5x more than pie zero w. less memory than pie 3. the new pie zero 2 w is 2.7 inch long or 69mm long, 1.24 inch wide or 31.1mm wide, with larger heat sink .4 inch thick or 10.2 mm thick. perfect size for portable projects. more power than zero, 1 and 2. just under the power of the pie 3

And the problems begin. I can not get wifi working. I  have watched every video I could find on the new pie..
I know the official version of retropie is not for pie zero 2. I downloaded weekly build retropie-buster - 4.7.19-rpi2_3. img.gz.
My router for internet not showing up. For some reason I can not find weekly builds from retropie home page. I googled weekly builds to find this one
micro sd card is SanDisk EDGE 32GB
I was not happy with heat sink cana kit sent. I have much larger ones. I have extra ones, so I also put one on wifi chip also.
I would not think that would be the problem. Why did I put heat sink on wifi? Because my android boxes burn out wifi after a year. the shield pro is the exception.


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