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Rowe CD-100 Laserstar: Title rack not moving & Error 14-02


New member here, so sorry if my post is redundant. I tried my best to search the forum for a response that matched my issue first, but here we are.

I recently purchased my first Juke, a Rowe CD-100 Laserstar and after about 3 weeks of use w/ the title rack working correctly, today it decided to stop working. Won't move left or right with either the service page switch or the external controls. The display screen will show the normal "Rowelink" message while in Normal mode but as soon as I try to change the title rack page, it displays a "0" and is stuck there. I am also getting the 14-02 error code. The handbook says that is a CCC error. The CCC has the 5VDC light illuminated and the ROWELINK Command light is illuminated w/ a very rapid flicker. Neither the board error nor system error lights are illuminated. Not sure if the error code and the title rack issues are related, but I could use some help.

I have read some things about the battery, but then I watched the youtube video by A&B Jukebox Repair and they mention the battery is typically only the issue 2/10 times and should have the 14-06 error code.

Any suggestions would help. Thanks!!!

I'd look more into seeing if something mechanical is jammed up causing it to not work. I've seen pages get knocked out of alignment and get jammed up and the whole system acts dead.


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