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The expanse final season has started.

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OK, finally finished the main book series of this last month and have now just been doing all the novellas and short stories too. Books 7-9 are epic and take the story in quite a different direction and moves the main storyline forward by quite a number of years. The ultimate fate of the undead Protomolecule children is very much tied into the main story, as is Laconia, the colony world that you just get a brief look at in series 6 of the show.

I cannot recommend these highly enough. If you've seen the show and don't want to rehash familiar territory with the first 6 books, I think people would be fine just jumping straight in with book 7 and being able to figure out some of the small differences themselves (really the main thing is someone who died in the show, because the actor who plays them got 'cancelled' in real life, who's still alive in the books). I would recommend not doing this though and reading the whole lot from book 1.


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