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The expanse final season has started.

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Just a friendly reminder for all my fellow sci-fi nerds.   I'm sure opt2not will be chiming in eventually.  :)   The first episode of the season was strong but I don't know....   somewhere around halfway through the last season it turned from something completely unique in the genre to a more standard space show.   It isn't a bad space show by any means, it's quite good but I don't know, I think it is wise to wrap it up before it goes bad.   I wasn't a big fan of the doom and gloom ending of last season so I'm really counting on the writers sticking the landing for a more upbeat finale.   

Oof, I've still got seasons 4 & 5 to watch... guess I better get on those.

When the ring system was revealed I was afraid it would turn into just another Star Trek/Stargate style planet of the week type show.  I am glad it didn't go that direction after moving to Amazon.

I enjoy the show mainly for its unique style, but the current bad guy storyline isn't as good as the protomolecule mystery.  Hopefully it will shift back toward a mystery or imaginative sci-fi concept before the season ends.  There is still the question of what Mars is up to on other worlds (probably utilizing the protomolecule).

I cannot get past the first 3 episodes.  Itís so slow.  I need to just plow through because I keep hearing how good this show is.

I quite like the show but the books are even better.  They did a great job with the show casting as well as editing the story for tv.


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