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What's the thing you hate most about a game you really like?

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--- Quote from: Ichor on June 12, 2022, 05:08:22 am ---The 3 day cycle in Majora's Mask is a bit of a love hate relationship. I mean, the whole game is predicated on the mechanic, but the futility of helping everyone out only for time to reset again and again can be pretty unsatisfying. I oddly wouldn't change it, as the whole game wouldn't work without it, but I certainly have an ambivalence towards it.

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I also found the 3 day reset annoying, especially losing certain things and the whole banking annoyance. I rented the game when it released and found it excruciating. Years later, I solved the problem by playing it via Project 64 using an adaptoid for controls and bypassed the in game saving with save states. We had a 720p TV with VGA input, so the picture on my old Windows XP laptop was really good. A guide also helps alleviate frustration. It has to be the least accessible Zelda game, maybe tied with Zelda II.

I spent a lot of damn money bootlegging Majora's Mask back in the day.  I think you had to remove some security chip from Jet Force Gemini and then transplant it onto Wave Race or something similar. It was a HUGE pain in the ass.  But I did finally get it working.  And that game is unfun garbage.  I'm still mad about it.  Of course they later figured out a new firmware for the Z64 and you didn't need donor carts anymore.

I tried it again on 3DS and the timer still gives me too much anxiety to enjoy it.


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