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What's the thing you hate most about a game you really like?

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It's definitely worth sticking with Jedi: Fallen Order and seeing it through to the end, I'd have another shot at trying to get back into it if I were you. Once you've got all your force powers levelled up, it really is great fun just ploughing through all the Imperials and the wildlife and there are some fantastic set pieces latter in the game.

Thought of something else I hated in a game I otherwise love: The bastarding AI players in Sonic and All Star Racing Transformed on the Hard and Expert levels and the fact you HAD to do at least some of the World Tour challenges on those settings if you wanted to unlock the Hornet from Daytona/Afterburner F14/Dreamcast VMU Hydro Thunder lookie likey boat combo (which I soooo badly did). Just a constant never-ending bombardment of items being shot at you from the ---punks--- behind you and the CPU players in front shooting backwards at you, instead of the players in front of them.

Again, genuine love for that game, it's the best love letter to old skool Sega I've seen in any modern game (and I'm calling it modern, but it's got to be coming up to 10 years old now), but, unlocking those last couple of Stars to get the Hornet was pure hell.

Can we also discuss Sonic Mania and the fact that it doesn't save between levels/acts in a zone, and if the boss kills you, you're starting back at act 1?  The ---smurfing--- zone 2 act 2 boss with his damn missiles about got my controller thrown through the TV.  And the levels aren't short, either.  I haven't timed them but it feels like a good 10 minutes each.  I need to throw in the towel and see if there's a cheat for extra lives or level select or something because I feel like I'm never going to beat it otherwise.

There's a level in Rondo of Blood on PC Engine CD that gave me fits, too.  Level 4, I think?  Lots of ---That which is odiferous and causeth plants to grow--- traps and enemies and the checkpoints were very spread out.  I'd attempt it once a week or so and it took me over a year to beat.  I didn't find the rest of the game particularly difficult, though I finally did a hex edit patch for infinite lives just to put the game to rest.  Very good game, otherwise.  Far outclasses everything else on that system.


Conker's bad fur day is one of my favorite games ever and that stupid lava surfing section might be one of my most hated parts of a game ever


--- Quote from: KenToad on May 02, 2022, 10:53:54 am ---The dice games in Gunstar Heroes and Cuphead. I loved the games, but I hated those chutes and ladders-esque segments.

--- End quote ---

I somehow managed to completely miss your comment when I posted in this thread previously, but I 110% agree with this.

I've never played Gunstar Heroes extensively enough to get that far, but my god, the dice bit in Cuphead was pure torture.

I've heard other people say it's easy to get the dice roll you want once you've got the timing down, but I could never get what I wanted, it was pure luck of the draw every time. And, oh man, there was a definite slightly less stressful boss order, and another one that guaranteed you'd get to King Dice with 0 lives and die instantly (or if you were really unlucky, you'd end up doing all of the mini bosses). The one with the chimp with the symbols where you've got to memorise the cards whilst constantly moving to avoid being hit and the chimp gets faster faster  :hissy: oh gaaaawd.

I both loved and hated Cuphead at the same time. So puuurdy to look at (and the music was ace too), but, Jebus, the difficulty nearly broke me. It was such a relief when I finally completed it. I'm so in 2 minds about purchasing the DLC when it comes out this year. It'll undoubtedly be amazing, but I don't know if my nerves can take it 😬

The 3 day cycle in Majora's Mask is a bit of a love hate relationship. I mean, the whole game is predicated on the mechanic, but the futility of helping everyone out only for time to reset again and again can be pretty unsatisfying. I oddly wouldn't change it, as the whole game wouldn't work without it, but I certainly have an ambivalence towards it.


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