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What's the thing you hate most about a game you really like?

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For example, I'm a big fan of Eternal Champions and the Sega CD version is great except.......
the "last boss" is a 9 round fight against the Eternal Champion followed up by a 9 round fight against the Dark Champion. You get back big chunks of your life bar every time you beat one of the ECs/DCs forms but if you lose a round its over. 
Did I mention how ---smurfing--- difficult the AI is?
Thank goodness for the Senator's deep cross over roundhouse, standing medium kick, into forward fierce!

Super Street Fighter II Turbo US version: the bug that has the CPU difficulty always set to the hardest setting regardless what you have it set at. I hate that bug.

This doesn’t happen in the Japanese version.

Horizon Zero Dawn - you are constantly, and I mean constantly, pulling up the map.  And every single time you do, it plays the same song from the beginning.  And the song starts with a loud booming sound.

It got so bad at times I’d mute the TV. 

Link to the Past for Gameboy Advance was ruined by adding “hyuh hyuh HIYAH!” to the sword swings.  I should see if someone fixed that in a rom patch.  ---goshdarn--- I was so mad about that $30.

Control for Xbox One has map colors that are very, very difficult for me to see the differences.  I’ve been meaning to send them an email and beg for a colorblindness patch as it’s an otherwise very interesting game.


fallout 4.

all they had to do was keep doing what they where doing and things would have been fine. just ride the coat tails of new vegas... dump a new storyline into a new engine and boom fallout 4...

but nope, they had to mess stuff around and make half the game...not playing it? why do i need to build crap? why are we waning to setup trade?

they say it's 150 some hours worth of game, but 149 of it is walking from place to place.

if you mainline fallout 4 and ignore all the building of the camps and crap, (because it literally serves no purpose) you can casually finish it in the better part of a can casually "speedrun" it in a couple hours (most of it is walking long distances) actual leveled gameplay minus traveling is under an hour of content.

if you sit there and setup trade posts and crap you can literally never finish it because this garbage doesn't progress the game at all.

it bums me out cause it looks great, it plays pretty good, but there could have been so much more story to it. (ignoring DLC's and mods)

doesn't sound like a game you really like to me /shrug
Building is 100% optional as well. My only  *major* gripe with FO4 is Preston constantly telling me about settlements needing my help.

The intro garage level of Driver (easily the hardest part of the game, that locks you out from the rest of the game)

The Gummi ship in Kingdom Hearts (this is a DQ for me as I don't really like the KH games)

Ocarina of Time's Water temple can eat a dick, I got lost in there with a strategy guide and a notebook where I was drawing maps and taking notes like I was doing cartography homework. Also constantly equipping and unequipping the boots is bothersome (allegedly fixed in the DS version to be mappable gear)

Blue Shells in Mario Kart

License tests in Gran Turismo


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