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Rowe AMI R-80


I have a Rowe AMI R-80 juke that I refurbished and is working well. I have acquired a WRA-200 Wallette (wall box) and a Stepper unit that looks either like a CGA or CGC Stepper. Can anyone tell me if these are compatible with the R-80? It looks like they are but I don't know the difference between the CGA and CGC Steppers. Also, Can anyone tell me how to connect the Wallette to the Stepper? The Stepper has a card edge connector that I assume connects to the Juke mother board and a 3 condiuctor cable hanging out with white, black and green wires which I assume are for 120VAC. Everything on the Juke is original (Credit computer, Coin shoots and switches, amp amp etc) except the fluorescent side lights (replaced with LEDs). Any help with this winter project would be appreciated.


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