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--- Quote from: lilshawn on October 11, 2022, 10:48:21 am ---hey, not bad at all.

been a bit of a long haul to get this all cleaned up, but it looks great!

--- End quote ---

Well... 1 Year to make this absolutely perfect! :)

You did an amazing job!

I have just purchased the same machine and want to begin restoring. The initial things I want to do:

1. Backup hard drive and convert to either CF or SSD
2. Repair/replace the monitor

For the monitor... mine is fine touchwise and mostly fine displaywise but I have white lines that go across and one of the pots does not work at all.
I am nervous about repairing considering I know very little about how CRTs work and realize that they are very very dangerous. Am not finding luck finding a repair person. Do you have any documentation or guidance for what you had to do to restore your monitor?

they are called "retrace lines". it's usually an indication the the screen voltage is turned up a little too high on the flyback.

on the high voltage transformer you'll find 2 adjustments. one will be "focus".... the other "screen". turn down the "screen" a tiny bit till the lines disappear and the black is black again.


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