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Sinden Lightgun - Taxes and duty's?

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I wanted Sinden lightguns now i have to order them and wait 3 months, no problem there, i can wait, but it has happened in the past that when ordering outside of Europe the belgian customs just take the price of the object and ask that as import taxes meaning a 80 euro gun becomes 160,
if they pay taxes when shipping this is not the case, so anyone here not living in the UK had to pay import taxes or duty on Sinden Lightguns?

Ship them to me, Iíll put your address on the label and mark it as a $5 gift.


Or declare it as a water gun

All good answers :D I have sent an email to Sinden hopefully i hear something back soon

Not sure about belgium specifically but some countries have added duties at customs some not.
Seems to be a mixed bag from what I have seen.


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