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Hi arcade racing fans. Does anyone use a fan(s) to simulate air/wind when playing your racing games? I believe that there's software in which you can map your pedals to use variable speed fans but I would like to use these types of fans with skiing games like MAME''s Alpine Racer, M2's Sega Ski Super G, Supermodel's Ski Champ, etc. but these games don't use an accelerator. Does anyone know if something like this exists or would it have to be programmed like Boomslang's awesome FFB Plugin? I'm assuming it's wishful thinking but I thought to ask anyway. TIA

*** Disclaimer: I haven't tried hooking up these outputs -- this is just theory. ***

The first thing I thought of when I read your post was that Prop Cycle has a blower fan so I put "github MAME propcycl" into a search engine. (propcycl is the ROMname for Prop Cycle)

That led to the namcos22.cpp driver source code.

Search through the driver's MAME source in your browser by using CTRL-F, "fan" (or other keyword), then find previous/find next to step through all nine instances where "fan" appears in the file.
- This process confirmed on lines 64, 974, 2587, and 2682 that Prop Cycle has a fan output.
- It also confirmed on lines 975 and 2655 that Aqua Jet also has a fan output.

If a game doesn't have an output, you still might be able to use a LUA script to read a speed-related value from the game's memory and turn that into a fan output.
- Alpine Racer would be an excellent candidate for this approach because your current speed is displayed in the lower right corner of the screen during gameplay. (7:25-9:04)   ;D


hey Scott thanks for the reply. You just reminded me that I was going to try to hook up my Game Bike (exercise bike for the PSX/PS2) to my PC and try it on Prop Cycle, although the Game Bike only has left-right x-axis steering. But yes, that game would make sense to have blowing air too.

I never owned a blower fan for gameplay but I thought it was a cool (literally) effect with Raw Thrills' Super Alpine Racer. I recently purchased a deluxe Alpine Racer 2 and it does not have fans but I did see a photo from another cab that had them facing the player. Perhaps they were just regular fans.

There was a set of usb fans and lights that worked with various PC games a decade ago but I canít remember the name,.

Good luck?


There is definately software out there to do this, I believe when I was involved a little with motion simulator scene on xsimulator they had some projects setup to blow air and sometimes even direction of fans etc

Getting the info out of the game wouldn't really be that difficult once you have a working setup


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