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The Sega Genesis and colors

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--- Quote from: pbj on January 05, 2022, 12:07:35 pm ---I didn't realize the Sega CD had more frames of animation.

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So just for you I loaded up the SegaCD version on my Mega Ever Drive.
Everything loads up initially pretty quick, until the fight ladder.  After you are shown the ladder there is about 3 seconds of loading.  Between rounds of a fight are seamless and even the "Finish Him!" is just a split second of load time. After the fight it jumps back to the fight ladder relatively quickly.

The first big noticeable load mid-game is the second fighter in the endurance matches. After the first person disappears your fight sits there frozen for about a second and a half while the second fighter is loaded.
Its inconvenient and annoying but doesn't really effect game play at all.  After the first endurance round, the game takes 2-3 seconds to reload for the 2nd (and 3rd) rounds. I also do not understand why you never fight SubZero as Scorpion , or fight Scorpion as Sub Zero when playing an endurance match seems like having a pal swap on an already loaded fighter and a few extra frames for specials would make those fights go smoother.

The first Goro round has the mid fight load issue as well, but the 2nd and 3rd rounds load up immediately.

Now the worst part, and the bane of all the CD systems..... the Shang Tsung fight.
3 seconds to load the fight after the Goro fight, which doesn't make a lot of sense to me since the last endurance fight, Goro, and Shang Tsung all fight in Goro's Lair.
You start the fight against Shang and within seconds the game stops to load his morph and a few seconds after that it stops to load back to Shang. It just doesn't make sense on why the game doesn't preload a morph and keep the 23 frames of shang tsung loaded at all times.

I was playing as sub zero and I did an ice blast  at Shang in his Shang form, as the ice blast was leaving my hands the game stopped to load Goro. Goro blocked the ice blast, hit me with a fireball (I was still in the last frame of the ice blast when it hit me) and as I was flying through the air the game stopped to load shang back in. Then as I was standing up the game stopped to load in another morph.  I ended up just turning it off after losing the first round and the game taking another 3 seconds to reload the fight follow up by an immediate stop to load a morph.

The Genesis arcade hack is the definitive 16 bit port.

Aaah, how nostalgic it made me feel.


--- Quote from: Malenko on January 06, 2022, 10:19:19 am ---The Genesis arcade hack is the definitive 16 bit port.

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Correction, the Genesis Arcade hack with MSU-MD is the definitive 16 bit port.


--- Quote from: Malenko on December 03, 2021, 11:05:20 am ---
Just go to and look at the sheer number of color  improvement hacks available.

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It's amazing how much a few colour tweaks can make these games look so much better and just utterly bewildering that the original programmers didn't think to make the games look like this in the first place. I made a comparison video looking at the Megadrive version of Outrun ages back, with and without hack. The ROM hacked version looks so much closer to the arcade:

--- Quote from: pbj on December 05, 2021, 11:12:47 pm ---Street Fighter 2 with the color and sound patches is incredible.  Borderline arcade perfect.

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Such a shame Capcom didn't bother to take the time to get all the bits of sampled speech as good as possible back in the day on the MD version of SF2. I loved the port regardless, but the crappy sound was always the thing that my SNES owning mates would pick up on and criticise the port for.

There's some cool Megadrive homebrew stuff going on too as well as the colour hacks. Some dude is in the process of making their own port of the original Shinobi for the MD. The WIP playable version of it so far looks pretty much indistinguishable from the arcade:


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