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Sega cushion clips

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--- Quote from: fablog on November 30, 2021, 07:29:58 pm ---I went to an auto store and couldn't find a clip with the good dimensions. Where do you find them guys?

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you might have to try a few auto parts stores... these press fit type of clips aren't used much on cars manufacturers have gone to a 2 piece type clip that is releasable, reusable, and less prone to breaking... so these types of press fit clips have fallen out of use and are getting hard to find.

the new style clips would work and look pretty similar once installed... they are measured by the hole they insert into....basically what you want to do is measure your hole... say it's 8mm... you'd look for an 8mm clip. here is a link to a whole pack of different sizes and styles that also shows what size they are. maybe you could see if one of those might work.

an idea anyway.

I think you're right. It's too hard to find exactly the same model. It will be much cheaper to change for a press fit type with the right dimensions. Thanks!

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Hey fablog, are these what you were looking for?

Hi Codeena, yeah that's them. I know this website but it's too expensive for a shipping to Canada. I may have find a very similar model in Amazon. I hope it works


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