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JVL iTouch 6 issue


Hello there!

Quite a while ago I got a bunch of Megatouch, Touch Master, and 1 JVL iTouch 6 machine.

I have gotten the others all up and working so far except the iTouch 6.  All hardware is finally up and working.  I have the iTouch 6 key with an iTouch 6 Plus V2.0D CD.  I am receiving an error that says Machine Locked - Invalid EEPROM - Call Operator.

When pushing the settings button on the I/O board or in the coin door a screen pops up allowing me to enter a PIN along with a serial number across the top.  I have gone through the whole system and only have 1 EPROM and that's the Datalight chip containing the dos boot stuff.  I did change that out with a different one just to squash that as an issue.

I've also tried booting without the key thinking that was the issue being greeted with a no key present message.  I tried a new CF and on boot the software was installed on it with the same outcome.

Any clue what EEPROM that is invalid that it's speaking of?  Is iTouch 6 Plus not valid with the iTouch 6 key?  I can't seem to find a copy of the iTouch 6 V1.0 software to try that.

Thank you in advance for any help!  :)

Does this machine boot from CD or CF card? Can you make an ISO of the CD and image of the CF card and send me a copy? I will try to replicate on my machine


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