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Looking for bartop design


I'm build a new home bar area and I'll have a TV behind the car. For a little fun I'm going to build a small 2 player raspberry pi game.

I'm looking to see if someone had the real specs for somthing like this

or this -

Anyone with some insight? I'm going to get a local shop to build it for me for a few reasons.
1) Support Local.
2) My last build didn't go as plan
3) i may just give a few nephews a similar build and see #1


In a previous life,  I was the designer of the "barstick".  I wrote up some notes on the KADE forums which are available on wayback machine here:

The CNC plans are available for download on this page:

The design was based on the popular Weecade bartop build.  I chopped out the middle section of the bartop.  Plans and information about that are also available for download via above link.

Good luck with your build. 


That's great. Thanks 10yard.  Checking it out now.

That forum looked great.   hopefully an archive exists..


--- Quote from: eezeetee on November 26, 2021, 10:13:09 pm ---That forum looked great.   hopefully an archive exists..

--- End quote ---
Last I knew, Bruno (bootsector) had forum backup files at least as current as the last domain change to in Aug 2017.

Just before that change, I manually saved the attachments and .HTML copies of the threads.

LMK the sub-forum and thread name or filename if you need anything that wasn't captured by the Internet Wayback Machine.   :cheers:


Thanks PL1. I'm going to take the drawing to a local C&C guy and see if he can replicate it.

I'm not sure I could build such a thing. The wiring and software side, sure.  Power Tools,  not so sure about that :)


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