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Cleaning Monitor Glass on a Dig Dug Cabinet Game


TH Bear:
Happy Thanksgiving everyone,
I have a Dig Dug upright cabinet video game that has a nasty cobweb right on the face of the monitor. What is the easiest way to get at it to clean the face of the monitor? Looks to me like the easiest way would be remove the front glass? I have a service manual but it does not address this topic except for removing the entire monitor which I'd like to avoid if possible. Thanks in advance for your help.

There are so many cabinet variations out there, all of them a little different. Even among Dig Dug cabs. However, I've pulled apart and restored a lot of cabs

You probably won't see any screw etc at the front of the monitor/glass. This will be by deliberate design, because it looks better. What a lot of cabs do is slide the glass up/over the monitor from the bottom, secured by either:

- a metal bracket to hold it in; or
- the top part of the control panel holds the glass, and the CP comes off or swings up on a hinge

If the glass is held down by control panel, get a light and have a look underneath the control panel. Look for 2 clips (1 each side) that hold the CP firmly in position. Release the clips, but be aware they have a bit of spring tension in them and may open very suddenly.


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