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Happy turkeytime all!
So, I'm on my 3rd ML-1, and with or without NOS boards, maxed-out ram, and ssd, they all have the same crappy annoying pauses during game play and other quirks that make it seem like a step-down from ion. How many of these could they have sold new like this?  The fancy cabinet, big screen, h2h multi-touch and updated menu/attract aesthetics are nice, but nowhere near enough to cancel out those glitches for me. What do you guys think?

good idea...bad implementation. all a matter of money.

for probably 50 or 60 bucks more cost on their end they could have had a decent motherboard/cpu combo with an SSD (even if it was a small 64gb SSD.) but no.

windows embedded so they can crypto lock the drives and prevent operators from swapping/cloning drives amongst machines... they should have stuck with linux OS instead of the windows embedded since they know that's what works. but no, screwing operators is more beneficial to them.

all basically in order to try and lock operators into ---steaming pile of meadow muffin--- hardware that fails and locked out the ability to replace the drive except buying a new one from them.

personally i'm glad it was a failure.

Yeah, Mobo is comparable to running Force 2011 running on the same old 2002 ECS mobo with 128mb of ram.
ML-1 runs great on a 3rd Gen I7 with 8gb of ram though. >:D

Thanks guys. Maybe the same kind of thing that makes a formerly great company like Boeing start making planes programmed to nose down and crash. At least Megatouch hasn't caused any fatalities..., as far as I know! I'm sorry I bought these ML-1's, because the pauses are too annoying when I could just play a smooth-sailing linux, but I also feel bad selling an annoying game to anyone else. Guess I'll have to try a different mobo if I can ever get caught up on projects and find the time. Happy holidays!

Hey Mahkey, Any specific I7 3rd generation you'd suggest? And, would the onboard video be good, or will it still require a video card/daughter board? Thanks! :)


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