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8 bit Christmas.

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So streaming on HBOmax right now is a film based on the book (that I didn't know about).   It's basically "A Christmas Story" but with the ultimate goal of the kid getting a NES instead of a red rider bb gun.   It's by no means a rip-off of that movie but they are similar enough to make the comparison.   It's surprisingly good.   I mean as in I might want to watch this again next year good.   Also the ending made me feel feelings.   I'm being decidingly vague on purpose because I hate to spoil any of it.   Just experience it for yourself.   

I saw the Preview for this.

I like Neil Patrick Harris and my kids are interested because it's about NES.
so will check it out this weekend with them.

edit: watched last night after dinner.
I enjoyed it and so did the kids.

I am planning to watch it this weekend.

As one who grew up with earlier consoles, I tend not to be drawn to movies which glamorize the NES.  I've also grown a somewhat cynical view of new Christmas movies since seeing many of those responsible for them turn out holiday garbage while denigrating the tradition pretty much any other time of the year.

So I immediately soured on the idea of giving this movie my time.  Fortunately, Lisa is much more forgiving of industry and celeb transgression and wanted me to watch it with her.  What would I do without her :)

I'm happy to say that the writers and producers nailed this one.  I saw so many parallels with my own childhood, it seemed uncanny.  It is obviously the product of a group of people who grew up in a similar time.  It was very well done, with a ton of tongue-in-cheeks moments and excellent story-telling.  Christmas movies should touch the viewer deeply and separate the commercialism from the true meaning of the tradition.  This did it in a very, very entertaining way and had just enough of the heart-wrenching moments to make it memorable, without being over-the-top or seeming forced.

Instant classic in my book.  :cheers:

My only negative feeling about the film was that one scene in which they used a made up game.   Not only was it a fake game, but it was a genre that really didn't appear on the NES.   The solution would have been an easy one... just use Karate Champ instead.... it would have fit the scene perfectly and considering it's data east they could have gotten the license for a song.   I get that it is just a movie and something like that shouldn't matter but considering the fact that real games were used in the rest of the film it stood out like a sore thumb. 


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