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Megatouch ION I/O board -14?

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Hi guys,
Uh..., sorry ladies, I shouldn't assume you're not here too, "Hi girls!"  Oops, uh, sorry again, I shouldn't call adult women girls. Would "gals" be the appropriate converse to "guys"?  Wait..., damn, sorry again, you may not be gender binary, so uh, "Hi everybody!"  Heh-heh, and we thought fixin' old games was tough... ;)

Any Megatouch aficionados know which machine(s) I/O revision SA10068-14 was intended for originally?  The tech docs I have only specify up to -13. I could just start experimenting with it, but even if it works fine for the RX I want to put it in, I'll still lose sleep not knowing its original purpose.  Thanks!

pics or it didnt happen

Hey Mahkey, long time no chat... Hope you and the family are doin' okay.
(sigh) Alright, if you insist, I'll go take a picture...

I posted pic in our google hangouts thread... Just curious.

This was exclusive to the ion 2015 beta and only select testers received this version. Where did you get it?


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