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Megatouch Maxx Ruby cd images


Looking for some help.  My hard drive died on my Megatouch Ruby system, and I am looking for the cd images to get it back up and running.  I did download them, but there seems to be issues with the 2nd cd.  I've tried redownloading, and burning at the slowest speed, but as soon as I insert it, the Megatouch errors out and prompts to restart the install.  Does anyone have another image file I could try?  Or any suggestions?  I've tried multiple cd/dvd drives with no luck.  The first cd seems to go fine, (which shows 68% of the install complete) but then when I put the second disc in, it errors out almost instantly and doesn't give me the option to try another disc.  Any help would be appreciated.


Hopefully you didn't "donate" to that one site to get the images. Send me a Google drive link and I'll upload a drive image or ISOs for you, your choice

PM sent


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