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MALA Mame roms missing


Im quite new with this , I am setting up Mala to work with Groovymame 0.236 .

With generating the Games list i had to apply the fix posted on this forum , to make the games appear.

The list is generating 19000 games , However if i scroll & search my favorites Tekken Mortal Kombat they dont appear in the list. 

How can i fix this ?

Ropi Jo:
I'm as much a noob as you, but as no experts have chimed in I'll ask a Q...

What happens if you try the game in mame directly.... not through mala?

Well since im not totally a noob with Mame i can tell you it works . 
WIth the official mame exe the romset with clones needed to be included in the zip of the main game to be recognized by mame

I had a romset from 0.216 which had the clones zipped individually , when i moved that over to offiial mame the clones were not recognized.
So i needed to download the whole set again. 
I believe only the offical mame works with Groovymame since i use a Crt.
But think i will move to another FE, to explore a little bit


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