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Hey all

I'm working on a project and I think I'm in way over my head....I bought a Maximum Tune 3 shell which I planned to convert to use with a PC running Teknoparrot. The cab has no screen or game, but does have the shifter, pedals, wheel and boards to go with them.

My initial thought process was to rip out all the existing hardware (which I've done and now regretting not leaving it all in tact until I finished planning) and fit my Thrustmaster T300 in the cab. After reading some articles on this forum and the seeing the awesome work people have done with interfacing arcade hardware with a PC ideally I'd like to go down that path. Fitting the Thrustmaster without butchering the bezels will be very difficult.

So my question is based on the below photos of the parts I have is a possible to interface the wheel with a PC and use an emulator such as Teknoparrot? Or am I better of figuring out how to fit my Thrustmaster in the cab?

I came across this video on YouTube which gave me hope that I could at least use the shifter -

Any tips and links would be greatly appreciated, I'm new to arcade hardware.

I've never done it, but there are a few options out there. Take a look at this linked thread on a similar project, at least for the wheel:,165422.0.html

Does the shifter use switches for each gear, or pots, or what? Howard Casto on here had a project up recently to mod those for use on PC as well...,165162.0.html

Thanks for the links buttersoft, I had come across the Initial D cab conversion post but there hadn't been an update on that thread for a while so I'm not sure if they ended up getting it working. The shifter thread I hadn't seen before and looks perfect for what I want to do, I'm hoping Howard Casto finishes the project soon and provides a wiring/how to guide. I familiar with PC's and tech in general but I'm very green to arcade hardware and electronics so I'm hoping for a guide to get started.

From the article you linked me and others that I've read it seems like the starting point is a Arduino Mega so I'll order one of those and start playing around and learning.

According to the manual it has two photosensors and microswitches, like I said I'm new to arcade hardware/electronics so I could be very wrong!


--- Quote from: Vee21 on November 06, 2021, 05:50:00 am ---According to the manual it has two photosensors and microswitches, like I said I'm new to arcade hardware/electronics so I could be very wrong!

--- End quote ---
Looking at pages 114-117 and 135 of the manual here, you are very correct.   :cheers:

The two microswitches determine if the shift lever is up (1/3/5), center (N), or down. (2/4/6)

The two photosensors determine if the shift lever is left (1/2/N), center (3/4/N), or right. (5/6/N)

Looks like WMMT and WMMT3 use the same shifter.

There's a more detailed parts breakdown on pages 112-113 and schematic on page 118 of the WMMT manual here.

If you look at the front top of index 3 on page 112, you see the flat tab that can block the left or right photosensor (index 20) depending on the shift lever position.


Cheers for the reply PL1 :cheers: that's very helpful to know.

I've been playing around with an Ardunio Mega and the Namco steering wheel in my WMMT Cab and managed to get the board reading a signal from the wheel so I'm actually making (very minor) progress, its been a very steep learning curve! I'm not sure why the Mega board was recommended on some posts since it seems very difficult to make it read as a HID device in Windows or requires additional programming to convert the serial input, so I'll be picking up a Leonardo style board since its has everything built in and I'll be able to use the Joystick library which looks simple enough to get my head around.

My aim is to get the steering wheel and pedals working then move on to the shifter. I'll let you all know how it goes, if anyone has any tips tricks please post!


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