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Is this a bug or just an undocumented feature?


I'm a newbie who appears to have found a hole to fall through, which i would expect is a board software thing...  I've registered, and received an email with my password, email content is as follows:

--- Quote ---Dear KiwiRed,
--- End quote ---

So i have an account set up for my address, which i cannot use as i don't have a password set up for it.  Unfortunately (and this is where the undocumented feature shows just how clever it is) i can't login without a password (i tried, just in case), and when i use the 'Forgot Password' link i'm sent another copy of the "Dear KiwiRed," email with no password.

Any idea if it's something i did wrong?  Something easy to fix?  (Let me know if i have to sacrifice something to some dread god so i can put down sawdust to soak up the blood...)


Reply sent to the email address you registered with. Thank You For Playing!  :)

Woohoo, i'm official  ;D

Many thanks for fixing it so quickly!


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