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[For Sale] Sega Blast City Candy Cab [Midway, GA]


Listing for sale a Sega Blast City candy cab

Lets get the formalities out of the way.

-I am asking $2500 firm.
-I am not looking for trades for this. I say looking .. i may accept partial trades if you have something I am really looking for. I will discuss that later. With that said I am really looking for a cash sale.

-The cab is located in Midway, GA (USA) which is about 30 mins south of Savannah, GA on I-95. Just under 2 hours from Jacksonville, FL.

-I will not ship or prep for shipping. This will be local pick-up or you send someone to my house to prep it for shipping. I will warn you now that I live in a rural area of Georgia and NAVIS and Beltmann will not come out to my house. last time someone used these companies to ship a cab from my house I had to load the cabinet onto a trailer and take it to a shipping station about 20 mins from my house.


-The cab is very clean and in great shape. Very little to no work needs done to it (depends on how picky you are)

***For the Price Police***
-You are entitled to your opinion and I respect that, however it will have no bearing on what I sell this cab for.
-Yep I totally understand there are cheaper cabs to be had .. go for it.
-Please understand I have money tied up in this and if I am going to sell it I really want to get what I have put into it.

This is also being cross-posted on five different forums and Facebook in about six groups


Cab Exterior

There is a small crack on the right side of the cab towards the back. It does not affect anything but I would be remiss not to mention it.

While the marquee lights up and is pretty. I need to point out that it is an LED fixture with an on/off switch and not the original one. The original one was damaged and needed replaced.


Control Panel

All buttons and sticks are Sanwa

This cab already has the Sega JAMMA harness installed along with CPS2 kick button cables. This will let you run just about anything as it also lets you switch between audio and power sources. It also has an internal 120v power connector. Without any other modifications to the cab I have ran Sega Naomi 1/2, Namco System 246/256, Sega ST-V, Taito Type X2, Neo Geo and quite a few other systems in it. Buttons 1-3 and sticks for both players are on the JAMMA harness and buttons 4-6 for both players are on the kick harness just like on the CPS2 systems kick harness.

I will not be including this in the sale but I used the JNX CPS2 converter with all of my systems to make them uniform and eliminate the need to constantly chance out stuff for the kick harness connections.

There is a very discrete coin up button hidden on the p1 (left) side. This is wired into the coin mech of the cab. it's very convenient.

Currently the Sanwa sticks have octagon gates but I will include the original ones also.



**DISCLAIMER** While the monitor does look pretty good and operates very well (very playable) it does have an issue. It needs to have the factory OSD controls set back to default and the dynamic and static convergence needs to be adjusted. It mostly shows up on the bottom left corner. I have adjusted it via the monitor on-board OSD as much as I can .. but it's not perfect. I do believe it's a NANAO MS2931.



So I learned a while back that with a little wiring harness that the speakers from a Sega Initial D-3 cabinet will fit without having to modify any of the cabinet itself as the speakers are the same shape and size and mount the same way.

So I managed to obtain an unused pair from Yaton

This is what the adapter looks like

This is with everything installed

This was one of the speakers I pulled out of the cabinet .. they were both this bad.



I will include this very cool Sega ashtray. Also as a note all of the locks on the cabinet are matched 5575 and comes with two keys.

I will also be including four (4) wood PCB mounting boards so you can quick swap systems in and out.

Also Let me add my list of stuff I would consider for partial trade for ..

Brook UFB
KRIKzz SNES FXPAK Pro or KRIKzz SNES Super EverDrive X5
TerraOnion MegaSD or KRIKzz Mega EverDrive Pro
TerraOnion MODE
Arizona Sunshine PS4 game
Samurai Jack PS4 game
Atari Uno (Atari 2600 multi cart)

That's pretty much it for now. Mostly looking for cash for this cab.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

1) Generally if something is sold I am pretty good about marking it as sold. So no need sending me messages asking if it's still available or sold yet.

2) I am sorry, but I am not flexible on the price on this. Normally I would be willing to wheel and deal or be generally flexible on the price of what I am selling. This is not one of those times.

3) I might be open to shipping. However I really don't want to be responsible for palletizing it and trying to get off work to meet the shipper, or loading it in a trailer to take it to the shipping depot. I would rather you come see and play the cab before it gets moved. That way when it gets to point "B" and something doesn't work it would be understood that it wasn't my fault. With that said .. money can be a good motivator.

No game boards / systems / PCBs are included in this sale.

So I have been mulling on the shipping idea and I think I found a solution that would work whether you want to buy my cab and get it shipped (or you just have some other stuff you need moved)

My friend James Price's son, Noah, has started an Arcade / pinball moving service that literally goes all over the country. I trust them and I know they will take good care of everything. I have known Noah's dad for a good while and James has quite the collection of classic woody arcade cabinets, so they are not new to all of this. They are based in Daytona, Florida.

You can get a hold of Noah on Facebook (Noah Price) or you can call him at (386)-341-3303 to discuss costs and logistics.

Sold for full asking price.


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