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Drilling button holes?

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Go big or go a CNC to drill the holes. :)

I've had to use 30mm holes for the buttons I buy from Arcade Shop.  They don't say who's the manufacturer they just list them as leaf switches.  I initially tried measuring with calipers and making exact sized holes with the CNC but it was too tight.  An extra millimeter is only 0.5mm around the edges and you'll never notice after tightening the nut.

Mike A:
You are such a cheater. ;D

I thought those forstner bits were boring use and will make a massive mess?

Mike A:
Use a vacuum cleaner to clean up the sawdust.

I plan to just drill the extra holes into the bartop i have with all the oarts in it to save time. Hopefully i dont go through the back of the screen.


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