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How to Design Front Door of Cabinet?


First time builder here, I'm trying to determine the best way to add a door to the front of my cabinet and hide as much of the hardware as possible?  Current plan is to close off the back side, and add a swing out door on the front.  The door will be most or all of the front panel so that I can access everything underneath and release the control panel latches.  I bought a couple European hinges which I think will work with my design, not sure how to have little to no hardware (pull, latch, etc.) on the other side, but also have something secure enough so that a stray kick or knee won't pop the panel open.

Any ideas or suggestions welcome, thanks in advance.

Mike A:
Rare earth magnets.

It won't open unless you want it to.

Interesting.  I was looking at latches, but something like this might work.  I'll take a closer look, thanks!


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