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Galaxy Top Gun dart board startup issues


I have a galaxy top gun dart board I recently bought.  It powers up fine, gets to the self test screen where it says hit select to continue, but when i hit the select button, it just buzzes and then restarts.  Maybe once out of 10 times it will actually continue and then it works.  Just not sure where to start trouble shooting. 

Sounds like you might have a faulty power supply. However, first thing to check is all the connectors. These games are old, so connectors work loose and get dirty/corroded. Clean all the contacts and re-seat everything. I like to use this stuff for cleaning the contacts:

If that doesn't do it, I would next check the power supply as there is a chip on the board that checks for out of tolerance power supply conditions. If it detects it, the board will reset. Look for the output on the power supply, it should be labelled J2. Verify pin 1 is outputting 12 volts and pins 2 and 3 are outputting 5 volts.


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