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Video game ideas, and old games that should be remade

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I know that in this day of video games, having an idea means nothing if you can't back it up yourself. But I have had some pretty cool ideas over the years and although I have a pretty basic understanding of game creation I tend to never work with other people who manage to fulfill the role they have agreed to.

Anyways, I used to have this RPG manual and loved iut to bits. I really was heavy into martial arts as a kid growing up in the 80s and spent years in tiger style kung fu. Not because it's a very practical fighting form, but because it's over the top, fast, and flashy - I had planned on making it into a career working in film as a bad guy or fight choreographer. Anyways...

I think a cool idea for a game would be similar to Hitman, but instead of disguises and guns, you played as a ninja in modern times using old-world methods for corporate espionage, spying, assassination, kidnapping. Multiplayer could totally work for this idea, as could single player. Realistic things like getting shot puts you down and stealth would be a huge part of it. Kinda like the original splinter cell games. Maybe pick your equipment before a mission like in Tenchu.

And for the second part of my post, what are some games you think are due for a reboot? I think that there's only one reason to remake a game or movie - and that's the ideas couldn't be believably backed up by the technology of the time. Why remake a bad movie if it's bad? Why remake a classic masterpiece if it's already good? I know the real answer is someone thinks they can squeeze some more money out of it.

A remake that really works for me is The Fly - the original had good ideas but not the technology to make it believable.
Resident evil 2 was A PERFECT remake. RE3, not so much. They kind of missed the point on that one.

But for me, I'd love to see Paradroid remade, Airborne Ranger, and maybe Technocop from the C64.

Do you have any great ideas for games, or what would you like to see a proper remake of?

I like Twin Kingdom Valley for the Electon.

That should be remade as a modern RPG.

There are a ton of old console games that I think should be remade with modern graphics and music.  Companies do this but they always eff it up because they change the controls or the core of the game somehow.  Having recently played Metroid Dread and absolutely loving it, it would be so cool if they remade Zero Mission, Fusion, Super and Samus Returns in the exact same style.  Yeah, Super Metroid is arguably perfect already but still, I think it would be neat to see the entire series as one cohesive thing.

I would also love to see Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons remade in the style of Link's Awakening on Switch.  That was a fantastic remake - they didn't change anything but the coat of paint and some QoL features.

Or, just give me 100+ new, well-designed, levels for Pac-Man!  Don't have to change a thing.  :laugh:

I'd like to see the original 2 Metal Gear Games get the MGS treatment. They are great games, but feel so disjointed from the rest of the series simply because the technology restraints of the time. It came close to happening on an indie level, apparently. Even with full David Hayter voice-over.

I concur that Paradroid is a great game, but I'm not sure how it could be improved with a remake beyond new maps, fancy graphics and maybe some better menu/options choices.

I still play original Paradroid fairly often. It translates well to an arcade cab.


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