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Author Topic: Supergun Control Panels - Defender - Galaga - Donkey Kong - 720 - Arkanoid - etc  (Read 2405 times)

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I am a bit of a stickler for getting controls close to the original games, but I don't really have much space left for full size games, so I want to make some panels to use with my supergun to cover some of the more common things.  I'm sure this has been done many times, but hey why not document how I'm doing it in case it helps anyone else in the future, and maybe someone has some suggestions that I'll find useful.  Anyway here is what I have functional at the moment and the panels I'm working on.

Supergun to 3 PVMs.  one will be vertical, 2 horizontal.

2 madcatz TE fightsticks with octo gates (i hate square) and kick harness dongle.  wired neo geo
player 3/4 cps2 box also wired neo geo. 

Donkey Kong - I have mikesarcade donkey kong control panel.  So I just need to build a box and wire it for neo geo.  I can play the game with the 60 in one or eventually mister fpga.

Galaga - I just recently got 2 original galaga joysticks.  My plan is to modify the galaga CPO to make it smaller and have a metal plate created.  apply the cop on that, build a box for it, wire neo geo.  For this one I have a 20th anniversary ms pac man/galaga board.  I recently tested it and ms pac man looked fine.  Galaga has a weird glitch in the high score at the top but the rest looks ok.  I'm not sure what the deal is with that, have yet to do any research.  mister fpga will be a 2nd way to play.  I also might make a panel with a proper ms pac man joystick and a galaga joystick and tailor it for the 20th anniversary board.  Or I could just play ms pac with the donkey kong panel.  I'm not sure what the difference is between donkey kong 4 way and the original ms pac 4 way.  I'm sure they feel somewhat different but I would probably be happy playing ms pac with the konkey kong panel. 

Defender - I have a complete defender control panel so I just need to build a box and wire it to connect to the JROK multiwilliams board.  I have that board and have tested this setup, so I think I have the harness ready, just need to work on the box.

720 - I ordered the reproduction 720 joystick and an opti-pac and a CPO.  same as galaga, plan is to have a metal plate created, apply cpo, build a box for it.  I would like to find an original or reproduction control panel but when I went searching I couldn't find anything.  I think the only way to play would be mame or the original boards.  So mame unless mister supports it or adds it in the future.

Arkanoid - I have 2 arkanoid spinners.  I looked around at the various control panels but none of them really caught my eye.  I might end up making a custom control panel overlay for this one.  Same deal, metal panel and make a box.  I might find original arkanoid boards or mister or mame, I'm not sure at this point.

Nintendo Vs.  I really like nintendo 8 way joysticks and the buttons on those cabs.  they are really satisfying.  So the idea here is build two panels with NES controls.  joystick a,b, start, select buttons and play it with mist fpga or NES.  I had a nes in a nintendo vs cab years ago and ended up selling the cab.  I kind of miss it so this will be pretty much the same thing.  I have the joysticks and buttons so just need to design a panel and put it together and figure out how I want to do the wiring so I can connect to a NES or connect to mister.  Probably just wire for NES and use a nes to usb adapter.

ETC - ?  I might do some more but these projects will keep me busy for a while.