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Header is way too big


First off, I'd like to say I love the new board.  However, the header (starting at "BYOAC Forums") is way to much.  I run 1280x960 and it's still way too much.  It would be alot better if it could be moved to the bottom of the page, as opposed to the top.  Or it really could be removed entirely.  The top part lists the forums, which are listed in the treeview above the messages.  The other forum links don't need to be displayed for every page I view.  Again, I just think it's overkill.  I'm suprised nobody else has mentioned this.

Beside that, I think the new board rocks!

I have to admit it is kind of big.

Actually, this has been posted several times before. Saint added the header. He is on vacation but I'll ask him when he comes back.

On a seperate note I noticed that ddebuss has his address bar seperate from the other bars in his browser. Here's a screen shot of my pc Try putting the address bar on the same line as the menu. That give you maximum real estate for content in your browser.

Oh. And ignore the fact that my screen shot is 2048x768. I'm running dual monitors with a Radeon VE Dual Display Edition video card and 2 ViewSonic A90 19" monitors. Which is nice because in MAME32 you can select which monitor to play on. :)


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