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Any CNC plans for a vertical monitor cocktable cabinet?

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I have access to a CNC router table and have been learning to use it, and I was thinking that it would be a great way to build a cocktail table... I'd love to build something like the attached, or at this link:

I have a kind of odd need for my table, it's going to live outdoors, which would kill any MDF cabinet. But if I make it from good plywood and seal everything up I'm hoping I can get away with it.

Anyway, I don't imagine anyone knows of any plans available?

Good luck with the outdoor aspect. For CNC plans, something like the Galaga Cocktail here?

Thanks for that! Great starting point.

As far as outdoor, I wonder if there's some material other than wood that would be better. For my purposes lighter would be good too. Hmm.

I'd be inclined to use marine grade plywood, and coat it in a outdoor grade sealant or epoxy. I put marine ply in my boat and has been left wet for extended periods and is holding up just fine. Should be lighter than manufactured wood or plastic as well.

I'm not sure the climate you are in, but I'd also put a large desiccant inside to avoid internal humidity from building up too much. That could be as simple as a sack of kitty litter.  ;D

Good ideas, thank you.


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