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Itís probably a reflection of my rapidly diminishing mental capacity, but nothing about this generation has gotten any enthusiasm out of me.  This is the first time in 32 years Iíve been indifferent.  Iím actually regressing and go back to old consoles.  Gameboy, Saturn, Genesis, etc in the past couple of years.


Iíve still got sealed Xbox One, PS4, and Switch games.

Inevitably, something will come out that gets me hot and Iíll buy them but until then Iím holding out for $150 with a game.

Considering these new consoles/platforms are x86 and have the graphical capability of a RX 480.

I still get play on the Xbox One, PC and my vast amount of consoles and game disks (that are still shrink wrapped).

Like Jim says nothing appeals to me to purchase one.  I don't have the drive to code for them either.

Getting old I guess.  :oldman

Mike A:
Just get off the train.

Stop trying to buy stuff that is back ordered, out of stock, paying more than list, etc.

It is just another source of anxiety in a world that is stuffed full of sources of anxiety if you seek it out.

Oh. Add prepaying Kickstarter ---uvulas--- for stuff that doesn't exist yet to the list.

There are a bazillion games you can play that already exist and are readily available.

I'll tell you guys when it's time to upgrade.   Pro tip:   It's not time to upgrade.   There simply aren't any games available nor will there be until late 2022.   Even then none of the exclusives look particularly good.   I might finally skip a generation. 

If you follow Wario 64 on Twitter, he will give you a heads up when PS5ís Or Xboxes are available.


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