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I picked up an Xbox Series S.  Microsoft was practically giving them away.  I think $240 shipped with two controllers?  I wouldn't have bought the second one had I known that the Xbox One controllers work 100% on it.  Digital only is a minor drag, but I was able to stack a bunch of promos and coupons and got the 1TB SSD thing for $90.  Figured if nothing else I could use it on one of my old TVs as a streaming device, and frankly to have a streaming thing that works and will be kept up to date for the foreseeable future is easily worth $100 to me so I'm good.

It's actually a very nice console.  I've only really played Witcher 3 on it for any length of time.  In "performance mode" it looks and plays incredible on my old 1080P TV.  It is nice to jump in and get in a Hades session every now and then.  I don't have Live or anything and Microsoft still supports cloud saving on it so I can pick up and play in two different rooms.

I got Sonic Frontiers as a birthday present on my PS4 and that's been quite a bit of fun.  Total mash up of Breath of the Wild and Horizon Zero Dawn.  A little more meditative and wandering around oriented like BOTW and then you fight giant robots.  Took me about 12 hours to get through the first level.  There is some clunk here and there that doesn't work well, but what works is great.  I'm telling myself I will actually complete this game. 

We shall see.


I still haven't picked up a new Xbox, which is surprising because I played my Xbox One like 10x more than the PS4.  I keep saying eventually but there are no exclusive games I really want to play.

Anyway, I think I'm picking up Resident Evil 4 for PS5.  I played through the demo several times and it's really great.  RE4 is one of my favorite games so I'm looking forward to play it again...

Ok , now after several years of wanting to own a last gen console, i bought an xbox series x, and i got to say, i love the cloud playing feature. I mean, my son has the  console on his room and i get to play it on my own room without having to move the console around. Now , ive been an emulation games all of my life pretty much, of course i did own an og xbox back in the day, and enjoyed bmxxxx, manhunt, and oddworld on the ps2i once owned a ps3 and enojyed the same games via retro compatibylity, and added dantes inferno to my like collections. Now that i own a last gen console, ive been playing dantes inferno on it, but would like to try new games. I really dont like war games, so ill skip on those, but i was wondering, what games would you guys recomend based on my previews console games liking?

Love my Series X just for the backwards compatibility and playing older games. FPS boost and resolution upgrades for certain titles is also a treat. Assassins Creed 1 looks stunning at 4K.


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