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I was fortunate to buy a Xbox Series X on the first day they went on sale a year ago through Amazon.  It took about 45 minutes after the launch time for the site to show them in stock but I was able to throw one in my shopping cart.  It either shipped on launch day or I received it that day.  I was pretty lucky to get it.

So, I got selected blah blah blah to buy a PS5. If anyone wants my reservation, let me know.


I finally hooked up the PS5 to my new TV and WOW.  It's really great.  I finished Astro's Adventure (came with it).  Fun little platformer. My son is already on the last mission of Spider-Man: Miles Morales, which looks amazing.  I also have Deathloop and Returnal but haven't tried them yet.

Finally got around to Deathloop.  So far so good.  I'm only a few hours in and it's really confusing but I like it.  Hopefully things will start coming together.  The premise is really cool though.  There are 4 "levels" and you can play each one at 4 times of day (morning, noon, afternoon and night) and you can play them in any order and any time you want but each time you finish, time moves forward and after "night" the game starts you over on the same day.  You wake up on the beach with nothing... unless you figure out how to retain some stuff.  Playing a level earlier in the day can affect how later levels play out too.  Your goal is to kill 8 bosses on the island in one day to "break the loop".  So you need to learn routines and patterns, etc. as you play through.  Eventually (I presume), I'll figure out how to kill them all in one day.

Nice 👍

I think a time for me to get into this generation of consoles. Going to try to score a PS5, really interested in Elden Ring. I never played a Souls game before but they always intrigued me. Itís got old school difficulty and ďarcade-yĒ controls. Exactly the type of games Iím into.


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