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Hi everyone. I'm looking for some help. I have a megatouch force 2004 and the screen has blown. I've connected the pc up to another screen and wanted to know if it's possible to use a mouse instead of touchscreen. I've plugged in a usb mouse but it does nothing. Also as soon as i disconnect the touchscreen adapter, it fails to boot. It's there a way of deactivating the touchscreen and going old school with a mouse?

in short, no.

the game needs everything attached to work. you'll have to fix the screen.

if it's a force LCD game it's likely just the backlight/power board. you can get them from LCDPART.NET just plunk the part number into their site and they will come back with a replacement that plugs right in.

if it's a force CRT game, there are a few guides around to fix them. usually it's just capacitors old and dried out that are keeping it from coming on.  have a look around on the board it should have a sticker on it that says TYPE XX it will be like TYPE 51 or something of that nature. I think most of the monitors where from a company called TELCO.

Depending upon if you're Linux savvy, you can change a few command line parameters to get the game to display a mouse cursor. A ps/2 mouse should work for operating most of the games.

Thanks for this info. How do i get into the command lines. Firstly to disable it checking for the touchscreen and to then add the mouse command?

I had a similar issue on my Force Radion machine a while back.  I ended up purchasing a 3M touch screen monitor from Ebay (model 11-81375-227) for about $75, and it worked without issue as a direct replacement.  The game recognizes the touchscreen controller and doesn't complain.

I placed the Force mobo + I/O board in a computer case (discarding the money-handling hardware), and works like new on freeplay.  A lot lighter too :D.


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