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SW Pro; failing to get past startup


it's complicated but I used to be the regular pin tech for a friend and helped him
get a SW pro shipped to him from the usual suspects (delivery folks had to be told how to assemble)
.. I was in the hospital at the time, for a few years.

Right now.. the pin worked wonderfully for 8 months then a ramp got stuck. This caused all sorts of errors and not sure if it's
software or a physical issue causing the stuck ramp.

.. partially because my friend does not have confidence in my capacity to effect repairs.


Kingsport, Tennessee area. the Star Wars Pro and a 1970s William Stardust. either game working would be a win.
Professionalism or the appearance of would be appreciated. This is a home game enivironment.

Compensation: a reasonable fee and if it's just a few adjustments and it's done, paid. We want working games. I am still
relearning basic coordination, but since you see me typing, that's going well.

... once I get the pinballs going, I have my CRT and vector games to take on. I can't work on them until I get this pin issue resolved.

Thank you for your help, I'll get to the point where I can take this stuff on again with confidence.



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Ideally I get enough reliable information here and in the manual to finally determine
if it's software, or a physical object to be removed and replaced. Or adjusted.
it's only a few months past warranty..

As a software engineer its my duty to tell you its the hardware. :)
The only way software changes behavior is when a hardware item gets corrupted.


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