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Hi all.
Is anybody still using DW Jukebox.

I have got all of the origional downloads for the program itself plus skins, soundpack, etc. if anyone needs anything.

I have spent the last few years off and on modifying skins etc. to suit my own needs and tastes.

What I would love to find now are drawings/plans for a good looking cabinet to build. I had tried locating an old jukebox cabinet with either missing or incomplete workings to use as a base for my MP3 jukebox. No luck with that.

Does anyone have anything. I am now living in France.


Just seen post, I still use this on my giveaways Jukeboxes. What type of skins have you made?

Still using it and finally made a dedicated jukebox.  No other software does what it does.

Building a man shed soon and talked about building a jukebox so this is the perfect program for me.

I just installed it but it seems to load my mp3s without an artist.

Is there a format for the file name.

At the moment I have eg.. Eric Clapton -  Tears in heaven as a file name but the program has various artists as the artist.

Any help appreciated.

Also did you find a suitable template for the cabinet buiild?

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