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Twin on Sega Rally 3 Solved

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Hello guys,
 I'm using TeknoParrot for few weeks now... I play principaly Sega rally 3 and it works really well.
I have tried to play Twin on Lan since last week but I can't do it. I have fixed IP of the 2 PC because I read it's better than DHCP and I have set CabinetID to 1 on one of the PC and 2 on the other one in the Shelldata files...
It does not work, at the "boot" of the game, I can see the right IPv4  IP on both computer but they both are "cabinet : 2" even in the "master" PC in which I set Cab1.
May be I did something wrong, can you please help me?

Another little question, each time I launch the game, the high-school panel has forgotten previous best times, is there a way to fix that?

Thank you all 🙂

Could it be a firewall or anti-virus software blocking the connection?

May be... I will try to disable the anti-virus and the firewall...


--- Quote from: MrThunderwing on September 13, 2021, 11:24:36 am ---Could it be a firewall or anti-virus software blocking the connection?

--- End quote ---

I disabled both but it did not work..
Do I have to launch first Cab1 or cab 2?

Grid and SR3 are both Sega Europa R games, and both network the same way. To enable networking you first have to go in and change the paths at the bottom of the file at c:\*path-to-your-SR3-Dir*\sega\grid\debug\config.xml

Only you'd change "\grid\" to "\rally\" in the path in this case, IIRC? Open the config.xml file in wordpad, don't use a browser. Below is the default, but you need to change the paths to where your game is. And obviously you also need to edit the shelldata.ini file itself as well to enable the network option and give each cab a unique ID, but it sounds like you've already done that bit.


In short, if the paths aren't set, the game won't see your changes to the shelldata.ini file for the network and cab ID's, and any changes to the other files too. If the cabs won't link after that, make sure the rally.exe file is allowed through the firewall for private networks.

Very forgiving games to LAN. Doesn't matter which one you start first, and after setting things up as above you can still boot either one without the other and play single.


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